Herbal Tea. Source: Your Home


Thursday evening marked the first of our Grow Your Own Herbal Tea events at Cordwainers Garden – a beautiful oasis providing calm away from the bustle of Mare Street. Not only was the weather on our side with warming June sun rays beaming down on us but the turnout was good too! This made for a very special evening starting with a herb walk and talk around the garden led by Nat. As we snaked through the plots, Nat pointed out some common and lesser known herbs, explaining their histories, properties and uses. All the while, cuttings were being taken in preparation for ‘megamix’ herb blend we’d be tasting later!

The next part of the workshop focused on how to propagate plants from cuttings – an easy way to save money on buying new plants and an interactive way of understanding more about the biology of plant growth!

IMG_3134Top tip: Try making some willow rooting hormone ‘juice’ to help your cuttings take root. New willow growth contains high levels of rooting hormone, which will encourage your cuttings to grow roots. Willow also contains salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin, and protects the cuttings from infection. Instructions can be found here: http://goo.gl/U6dO7S

Then it was break time. We sipped some ‘megamix’ herbal tea and had some herb-based discussion before turning to the last task – herbal tea bags. Great as a personalised gift, herbal tea bags are simple to make and even more unique when filled with herbs you have grown and harvested yourself! Growing in small spaces in the city can be done and most herbs make great container plants. Harvesting and drying your herbs are simple as well – stay tuned to Hackney Herbal if you’d like to learn more!



A Quick Update on Events in June!

Natural Cosmetics: Make Your Own Lipbalm and Body Scrub Workshop, Weds 17th June 18:30 – 20:30 [Free Event] Location: Wilton Estate Community Hall, E8 1BE – the community hall is located in the middle of the estate next to the sports court.

Join us for a workshop exploring natural cosmetics made from herbs. We will be looking closely at the use of Calendula officinalis (Pot Marigold).

Make your own lipbalm and body scrub to take home!

Please ensure you reserve your place by emailing hello@cordwainersgrow.org.uk

Grow Your Own Tea, Thurs 25th June 18:30 – 20:00 [Free Event] Location: Cordwainers Garden, next to the London College of Fashion, E8 3RE – turn immediately right as you enter the gates and follow the grass with the building on your left.

You may have a herb pot next to your front door or perhaps a garden with some treasures to be discovered! This free workshop will give you an introduction to some well-known as well as common but little-used herbs and their beneficial properties.

A herb walk and talk will help identify herbs and learn about their history, folklore and uses. You will learn how to make the most of your herbs through an introduction to harvesting, drying, storage and propagation.  We will also do some tea blending and tasting where you can do some of your own experimentation and discover the variety and richness of herbal tea.

What’s more, you will be taking home a free pack of Calendula seeds!

Please ensure you reserve your place by emailing hello@cordwainersgrow.org.uk

Click here to see the flyer.