7 herbs / 7 fields

Influenced by one of our collected herbal stories we have decided to celebrate Midsummer in a big way this year. In Sweden, the story goes that during Midsummer girls and young women are meant to pick seven different flowers from seven different fields and place them under their pillows. Things all being well, they will then dream of their future husbands. Apparently the night before Midsummer’s day is a “magical time for love”.

We have decided that it might also be a magical time for herb harvesting. So we are setting out to collect 7 different herbs from 7 different fields (or more!) in Hackney to create our very own Midsummer tea blend.

So we are looking for individuals, groups or community gardens who would like to take part and donate some herbs into our Midsummer pot. We’ll celebrate the harvest at our summer social on 25th June 6 – 9pm at the Bee Garden in Dalston where we will be sampling the magical blend.

If you would like to take part please get in touch with us via email hackneyherbal@gmail.com and we can give you some more information.

You can also join our next Midummer-themed herbal tea workshop on 6th July. Book your tickets here





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