About us

Hackney Herbal is a project that connects people and herbs in Hackney. We are growing herbs at different sites around Hackney and using the harvest to run events that celebrate the extensive and beneficial uses of herbs. As part of this process we are creating unique herbal tea blends that are being sold at Tiosk on Broadway Market. The proceeds from this help to fund our community herbal work as well as workshops at the Centre for Better Health.

Gardening for well-being pilot

In 2017 we will be piloting a new horticultural therapy session with groups that are suffering or at risk of developing a mental health condition. We will be working in partnership with the number of Hackney-based organisations to deliver and test the pilot. The groups will be involved in the growing and processing of herbal tea and will create their own unique well-being blends. For more information or if you are interested in being a project partner or researcher for the project please send us an email at hello@hackneyherbal.com

Book us for your event!

We deliver creative workshops and events which connect and inspire people around the extensive uses of herbs. From tea tasting to herbal first aid and plant based cosmetics we can design a workshop or event to suit your needs.

Join the herbal team

We are looking for growers and sites – old and new –  who want to take part in the project and contribute to the pooled herb harvest. This could be by donating some herbs that they are already growing or by dedicating a new plot, pot or patch to start growing some tea herbs.


We are always on the look out for people who would like to get involved with the project through volunteering. If you’re keen to learn more about herbs, health and community then drop us a line.


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi there,
    My name is Abi
    I just came across your site. I make natural candles with herbal poetry and that have wild flower seeds in the paper. I’d love to plant some in your gardens, and help get involved. Abigail 🙂


    1. Hello Abigail, thank so much for getting in touch. It would be nice to hear more about natural candles and herbal poetry! You can sign up for the newsletter on http://www.cordwainersgrow.org.uk/ – the parent social enterprise of Hackney Herbal – and this will let you know when the next volunteering sessions are happening and where you can visit the garden (or other growing sites). Warmest regards, Sarah


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